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Keeping it Clean: Why Natural Skincare Matters for Men


When you go to shop for your groceries, there’s a good chance you read labels and try to make informed decisions about what you fuel your body with. You might look for organic ingredients, fruits or veggies and avoid junk foods full of chemicals you can’t pronounce. Why? Because you’re a smart guy. You know that the foods you put in your body have an impact on your health.


But did you know that what you put on your body works pretty much the same way?


Natural skincare is better for your body

It’s true. Because our skin is like a sponge, it absorbs much of what we apply topically, and those ingredients get absorbed into the bloodstream. Knowing this, science has begun to study the effects of our exposure to chemicals in personal care products and has linked some cosmetic ingredients to a host of health issues.


In 2010, a Canadian study cited twelve common cosmetic chemicals and compounds known as “The Dirty Dozen” which were identified as having the potential to create health risks. Some of these ingredients like sulfates and synthetic fragrances are shown to irritate skin, whereas others have more serious consequences.


Parabens have been linked to hormone disruption and increased risk of certain cancers. Meanwhile, a 2015 study reported that exposure to phthalates through the skin caused a decline in healthy sperm levels. Long story short? Using the wrong products can be hazardous to your health - and your fertility.


Not all products are created equal

The scary truth is that due to a lack of regulations, ingredients like parabens, sulfates and phthalates can still appear in many popular drug store products. The good news, however, is that you have options. These days, more natural and organic skincare brands are rising to meet the demand for cleaner products.


Better news: when you care for your skin with clean products containing natural, organic ingredients, you’ll absorb all the positive benefits of good skin nutrition. In fact, some of our favorite skincare ingredients come straight from mother nature and work amazingly to keep men’s skin healthy.


For example, we love antioxidant turmeric for reducing skin inflammation and redness, or aloe vera juice for hydrating and soothing the skin post-shave. Natural oils like coconut, macadamia and sweet almond are an excellent plant-based source of moisture for the skin, while also working to rebalance oil production and combat acne.


It’s better for the planet too

As if your health wasn’t reason enough to ditch the toxic products, consider the impact that these harmful ingredients have on the environment. Research has demonstrated that cosmetic components like synthetic fragrances and chemicals can end up in our oceans and soils, harming plants and animals and causing disruption to the natural ecosystems.


If you’ve been thinking about becoming a more conscious consumer, your personal care products are a perfect place to start. By opting for cruelty free, vegan skincare made from natural and organic ingredients, you’ll help preserve the planet and your skin.



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