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5 Morning Habits To help You Level Up Your Life.

5 Morning Habits That Will Help You To Level Up Your Life.

Feeling inspired to start a new morning routine or get a jump on new habits before the holiday season?

Not only are we here to cheer you on, but we’ve got some helpful tips. Read on for our favorite A.M. practices for building a better body and mind before breakfast.


1. Wake up early

We all get the same 24 hours in a day. If you crave more time that’s free of distractions, the early hours are ideal for focused self care and setting yourself up for success. By getting up just a little earlier, you can carve out sacred time to exercise, meditate, read a book, goal set or cook a healthy breakfast. However you use your extra time is up to you. Just make it count.

Fello Pro Tip: If you’ve been crushing the snooze button more than those goals, try moving your alarm clock out of reach or to another room. That way, you’ll be less likely to sleep away your productive hours.


2. Do not touch your phone

We’re all guilty, but let’s face it. There’s rarely a life or death reason to check your phone first thing upon waking. In fact, more and more studies suggest that your morning scroll could be contributing to higher levels of anxiety and burnout. Instead, try unplugging for at least the first 30 minutes of your morning, if not longer.

Fello Pro Tip: Have trouble tuning out? Try covering your phone’s screen with a sticky note reminding you that the world can wait. Or consider switching your phone to airplane mode for the times when your sanity matters more than those unread emails.

3. Rehydrate straight away

Did you know that while you’re slumbering away, your body loses 1L of fluid just from breathing and sweating? It’s true, and what’s more, this process can often leave you waking up with a bit of a brain fog. To get your system fired up and functioning at full capacity, it’s a good idea to reach for some H2O ASAP. Experts recommend about 500ML right away to restore hydration levels and fuel your cells.

Fello Pro Tip: Before bedtime, try filling up a glass of water or your favorite water bottle and keeping it on your nightstand. Commit to drinking it first thing in the morning, before you start in on your daily coffee.

4. Gratitude is free medicine

The stats are in. Studies show that a regular gratitude practice can enhance long-term happiness by 10% and result in a 5-15% increase in optimism.* But in case that’s not reason enough for you, consider some of the other proven benefits. Gratitude has been shown to help decrease negative emotions, stress, and anxiety as well as improve focus and mental clarity for the long term. It’s also completely free. In other words, what do you have to lose?

Fello Pro Tip: An easy way to incorporate gratitude is to start each day by writing down three things you are grateful for. This simple act takes very little time to do but has serious mood-boosting benefits, and will help you approach each day with a more grateful mindset.

5. Now it’s time for some exercise

Once you’ve started your day with a little bit of gratitude, why not show your body some appreciation with some exercise. We probably don’t have to tell you that fitness has big stress-busting benefits, but in case you need a little more motivation, experts say you only need a few minutes a day to experience the perks - including increased endorphins, better sleep, and lowered rates of anxiety and depression.

Fello Pro Tip: One of the best times to break a sweat is in the A.M. To prevent excuses and stay motivated, try putting your workout clothes next to your bed so you’ll be sure to get moving first thing.


*Reference: 28 Benefits of Gratitude & Most Significant Research Findings by Courtney E. Ackerman M.A.


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